MacCon: Aluminium Door Panel Machinery

A complete solution for the production of Aluminium Door Panels.

Since 1995 MacCon manufactures presses and dies for the production of Aluminium Door Panels.

The knowledge we derived throughout these years helped us develop and incorporate techniques so that we are able to offer our customers increasing productivity, while offering the best aesthetic result.

We produce:



We offer:

The forming of the aluminium sheet is carried out with one pressing and in combination with the twin die carrier and the specially designed hydraulic system, our forming presses produce 2 sheets (one door panel) per minute.


Operation Principle

Using innovative techniques, developed in our company, MacCon offers excellent embossing detail and deep forming profile.


Since there are no limitations in the designs and due to the relatively low price of the forming dies, it is possible to have a wide variety of designs and also custom (on special order) designs.


The glass opening can be accomplished by using an piercing-bending die resulting in increased productivity, while no finishing is required. Additionaly the small bending at the edge of the part is giving a "greater thickness" illusion.


On our sticking presses the preparation of the panel ("stacking") is done out of the pressing ("sticking") area, resulting  in an easy, with no mistakes panel preparation process and eliminates idle time.

Pressed door samples:

Classic, Modern, Artistic or custom design. Click on images to enlarge.



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